Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Burbank Family Reunion

We flew with the brood and Jon's mom to Colorado last week to hook up for the very first time with their only cousins and to attend a family reunion.  It was the first one Jon has attended.
Jon's brother Randy's wife Jenni, his sister Christina, and me
Jon's mom with her three kids
Jon's Grandpa Buck's brother Harry hugging our Ethan
Cathy Burbank, her grandkids, her kids, and their significant others.  Jon's grandpa's sister Clem is looking on.
Clem's granddaughter Heather recited a poem written by Jon's grandfather, which made most people cry.
Clem and our boys
Cousin Lucas, Ethan, and Andrew checking out some s'mores in the rain
Eating those s'mores!
The cousins: Andrew, Ethan, Lucas, and Frances
On the top right, we have Jon's Uncle Ron and his son Derrick.  Seated are Harry, Al, and Clem.
Burbank Men
We were attempting to capture the back of the creative reunion shirts here....
Sweet boy techie cousins....
The reunion was held in beautiful Breckenridge. We did lots of outdoorsy things when we weren't hanging with the large group. More posts on those to come....

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Jenni said...

Great pictures! and a great time! so good to hang out with you guys!