Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colorado Trip: Getting There

We took so many pics via cell phone and "real" cameras on this trip that I have multiple posts.  That's what I do. :)  Here is the story of us getting there.  This was a feat.  Andrew had flown two times prior (from TX to WV for Heidi's wedding when he was 2 months old and from TX to Charlotte, NC for our move when he was 1 year old), but this was Ethan's first ever flight!
This was taken at the Columbia, SC airport, right before ascending the scary steps into his first ever plane.  When you fly on Express, sometimes you get to walk out on the runway and kind of guess which plane is yours by yelling at one another amid the roaring engine sounds.  This is what we did and it added to the anxiety of
 my already poor attitude about being hurled into the air by a giant hunk of steel flying.
(We were confused. One of the baggage guys yelled to us, "Yeah, your aircraft is the one on the right!") 
Ethan looks as relaxed as me.
My seat partner.  Again, not very relaxed about what was to transpire, just like his momma.

Ethan loving the plane window shades is an understatement. Up. Down. Up. Down. (I intervened when I feared other passengers might get upset, even though the ladies behind us kept talking about recent plane crashes during the flight and I didn't much care about keeping them happy.)

Ethan was super excited about us being "on top of the cwouds" and loved having the window seat.
Across the aisle, Andrew tried desperately to avoid spilling his apple juice.
Once we got to Chicago's O'Hare for our layover (thanks be to God), Ethan was fascinated by the fact
that a simple wave of the hand could get you a brand new plastic seat cover. 
It's the small things.
Seriously, though, these are awesome and should be a part of every public restroom.

Riding the "ride."  The guys could have done this all day.

Killing more time in O'Hare.

Heading to our gate for the flight to Denver. The sight of two cute little boys excitedly bopping along
with matching carry-ons became a familiar one during the entire trip.
My seat partner for flight #2.

View of my lap on the Denver flight. LOVE.

And this is what I saw across the aisle.  Again, LOVE.
We landed safely and perfectly in Denver and, knowing I would be alive for at least 6 more days (no air travel during that time), the Colorado fun was about to commence. To be continued....

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