Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthday Ethan "in" the TV!

One of Ethan's birthday celebrations on Wednesday was being recognized on our school's morning news show with a book dedication.

We had a discussion in the car on the way to school about how he was going to be on television.
"I'm going to be IN the TV?"
"Well, um, yes, honey. In a way, you will be inside the TV for all the kids at our school to see."
[insert lamenting whine here] "OH NO! Then how am I going to get out to eat my cupcakes?!?"

So, in this clip, you will see him fixated on the monitor to our left where, sure enough, he was in in the TV. He would not take his eyes off of it (which explains me having to steer his head around for the presentation). Luckily, somehow, we got him out of that machine just in time for cupcakes.

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