Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

We kicked things off a little early on Thursday by dressing in good ol' BLUE AND GOLD
 for our school's "College Colors" dress-up day.

Saturday found us bringing on the Mountaineers (as they struggled with William and Mary... OH DEAR.... but I digress) with some traditional cheesy taters in our bellies.
Here is a sweet cheesy-tater-induced halftime nap.
On Sunday, we visited the zoo with our friends Izzy and Nicholas.

Jon and I celebrated Monday by running the Blythewood Labor Day 5K (me) and 10K (Jon).  I say with shame that it was my first exercise in two months, but even still, I hadn't lost every bit of endurance so that is enough to keep me motivated now (as well as the promise of fitting into my school pants)!
So, as usual, the long weekend seemed short.  Goodbye summer, officially.  You were good to us!

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