Sunday, November 10, 2013

a notable 41st

My birthday this year was really great.  Last year's Disney trip was pretty tough to beat, but turning 41 was equally fun in lots of small, rewarding ways.
I arrived to school to find  that the hospitality committee bought me a cupcake from "Sweet" and a special school friend gave a gift card to my hair salon!

The P.E. teachers got their classes to sing to me (surprise!) and some students gave me adorable notes.

Our new metallophone arrived!  Opening brand spanking new Orff instruments is always a religious experience, ESPECIALLY on one's birthday.

Jon surprised me with no band practice and left this in my car for me to find at the end of the school day.  It said that he would pick up the boys and for me to take my time!  Major points scored there.

On Saturday morning, we awoke to this amazing sunrise....

... and then RACED!  Jon did his FOURTH half marathon and PRed.  So proud.  And I did this 8K.  I am still slooooow but gradually getting the speed up again.  Must keep running!

The birthday extravaganza kept going as we spent the night in Charlotte, sans children.  Our latest never-before-experienced-together thing to do was to check out some live comics.  They were really, really funny and the evening was a blast.  We sat right beside the stage and prayed no one would pick on us. No such luck, though....

Bobby Lee was the headlining act.  I remember watching him on Mad TV. 
Jon ended up being the on-stage guinea pig.  Hilarious.

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