Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick-or-Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

Thursday evening was a blast.
Here's the loot we left behind at home when we went out.

First stop was Grandma Cathy's, and we went on from there....

Dora dog enjoyed herself to the fullest.

Our trick-or-treating party (minus, as usual, the photographer)

LOVED this family's creativity

sweet Chloe

We saw the man in the yellow hat at Boo at the Zoo, too!  That time, he was with George.

Again, the dogs loved seeing all the sights.

Maddie, ever the watchdog, looking on as Ethan gets more treats...


Once we arrived back in our neighborhood, we hit up the neighbors!

And then we got back to our own house to hit up Daddy!

Then, the guys loved giving out candy to the other trick-or-treaters.  This was a first for them.

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