Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great Wolf 2013!

We just returned from our yearly pilgrimage to Great Wolf Lodge.  This year was by far the best ever because Andrew was tall enough to ride EVERYTHING!  This meant Jon and I got to take turns with him on the "Howlin' Tornado" and LOVED it.  Andrew was less scared than his parents, of course.
As soon as we arrived, Jon took the guys around while I checked in.

They excitedly anticipated the opening of the waterpark during breakfast.

We got to hang with Oliver right before the opening.

The boys are growing too fast. Ethan was comfortably in the yellow zone this year, which meant
he got to ride everything except the Howlin' Tornado.

I didn't even take the DSLR this trip, and barely used the cell for any photos, either.  I borrowed this image from GWL's site.  This is what happens to you inside the Howlin' Tornado.... you get dumped into a giant funnel
and end up going back and forth up on the sides.

This photo is also borrowed.  Our whole family of four loved the "River Canyon Run."  Andrew kept leaning over to Ethan during the ride yelling, "Isn't this SO fun, Ethan?!?"

And of course, there is MagiQuest.  They don't really play the game, but just enjoy activating all the magical stuff.

We always look forward to this trip.  Here's to getting excited for our sixth visit: Great Wolf 2014!

And now, for a video from the trip home from two boys who claimed to NOT be tired...

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