Saturday, December 28, 2013

Number 700! December Moments

THIS IS POST NUMBER 700!  Just noticed that.  Been blogging since February of 2008. Crazy how time flies.

I've had the time over break to go through some keepers I took before Christmas.  So, here are some random December moments.
Enjoying an 80° December 6 day

Sweet dirty feet

Turned Palmettos into reindeer for about 40 friends and family members (enjoyed it, save the moment I hot-glued my forearm to one of them.... hello, 2nd-degree burn).
Here's some of the crew posing beside a non-decorated tree on December 8.

December 12: Bathtime sweetness

Just a moment during cleaning on December 21 that I wished our shoes would forever descend in size like this. Sigh.

Watching a movie upstairs with friends on December 23 as their parents took in some football downstairs

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