Sunday, March 16, 2014

Half of March.... over!  Busy, as usual.  Here are a couple of happenings.

The first photo was snapped on the first day of the month.  We had a great time riding bikes and walking dogs around the lake at a local state park.

Jon and I each had a dog leash in hand and were walking behind the boys as they rode.  I mentioned at one point that the path was pretty close to the lake in some areas, and how upset a boy would be if he lost control and wrecked into the chilly lake.

That. Very. Moment. Ethan. Did.

Jon screamed, "ETHAN!!" as we witnessed our 4-year-old yelling hysterically, sailing down the hill, out of control, on his bike, KER-PLOP into the water.  Maddie jumped in after him.  It wasn't that deep and he can swim, but we were all shocked. 

Jon immediately fished him out, we walked to the car as waterlogged Ethan sobbed, and all was well.  Looking back, we wish we would have been filming it because it was (now, it is) hilarious.

Afterward, Ethan was not traumatized.  In fact, he was most impressed that he got to wear daddy's shirt home.  He still talks about that. 
March 1 at Sesquicentennial State Park, moments before Ethan wrecked into the lake
 The remaining photos were taken during the beautiful day yesterday at our school's Cougar Carnival.  Both grandmas and daddy came, which was awesome.  My chorus and steel band were performing, so I was a little busy, but I still got to check in with the family from time to time.


10-foot deputy

Andrew's rocket being launched, by HIM!

Funny pair

Ethan has great sack race hair

Close-up of the rocket Andrew and classmates got to build, name, and launch.  We love the name: The Spider 1500.
Today, it is raining, and may for a couple of days.  Good time to catch up on blogging!

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