Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wee Suburban Garden, Year Two, Day One

The gorgeous weather inspired me to do the annual Home Depot pilgrimage this morning and plant this afternoon, a couple of weeks earlier than last year.  Made a few changes; no lettuces or broccoli this year, since those belong in a winter garden.  Also, bought more varieties of peppers and tomatoes and planted the tomatoes on the sunniest side of the house, in front of the gate this time, rather than keeping everything in the back yard.

Bought some aesthetic things, too, but those are going in tomorrow.  Mom did use all the sunflower seeds I had harvested from last year, and planted them along the other fence line behind the boys' play set, so I am excited to see how those turn out!
Here's the backyard, containing rosemary, oregano and parsley on the right that lived from last year.  I added basil, dill, English lavender, and cilantro to the mix again this year, hoping I have more luck with them than in previous years.  One early girl tomato is living here, as well. Mom is here and hoed this for me which was awesome.  I told her to leave the weeds in the back for now, so that's what that is.  In front are green, red, yellow, and Serrano peppers.

This side of the house is already ugly, so why not add some rainbow-colored tomato supports? In an attempt to avoid interfering with the tankless water heater, I planted one yellow squash below it.  Otherwise, from left to right, there are 3 early girls, 2 romas, and 2 beefsteaks. I think they will do better this year due to my proper spacing (last year's fail) and knowledge of the special nitrogen-rich tomato food (another previous fail).  Also, as advised, I added "a fish" to the bottom of each hole before planting.  I put that in quotes because, in some of the holes, you would find outdated tilapia from our freezer.  And then in most of them, you would discover some fish sticks I threw in for lack of other "real" fish meal.
Yeah, I am a gardening EXPERT.

Ah, the early girls: tomato plants for the impatient, unprepared, procrastinating gardeners of the world.
Here's to suburban garden, year two!  Can't wait to taste this home grown stuff.

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