Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not so wee garden...

Our little garden has been keeping me busy this summer.  Click here for a comparison from when I planted it on March 22.  The fish or fish sticks or tomato food or covering these babies during frost or maybe a combo of all has really paid off.
May 10.... waiting to turn red!

our first crookneck squash

More May 10 beauties.  Just waiting....
This bounty was posted to fb on June 22.  We had a few previous harvests, as well.  Lots of friends gave great suggestions for freezing and stewing and the like.  And we have given to neighbors, friends, and family.  Go, fish sticks!
The remaining photos were taken July 6.
Every day, I can pluck 4-5 ripe beauties off of these plants.

Dora is glaring at me because the sun is in her eyes. I made her pose by the drooping sunflowers.

Grandma's kettle

perennial garden and poor droopy sunflowers

cucumbers are the bullies of the garden

love this mandevilla and plan to get an attractive garden hose container...

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