Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A little anxiety.... 2015-2016 Students Start Tomorrow!

Students start tomorrow! Two of them, AT MY SCHOOL, will be Andrew (3rd) and Ethan (Kindergarten).

This has been kind of a rough start to the school year, but I know all will be well:

  • I am happy/sad that my baby is in Kindergarten.  Mostly sad. Time. {sigh}
  • My best friend was just diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer and is facing a bilateral mastectomy and probably chemo.  
  • My classroom is not where it should be yet and I still need to spend the next few days making it so.

But everything will work out.  In the end, we are all lucky people!
The steel pans were delivered this afternoon.  It is a good problem to have.
There is no chance of having them unpacked before the students come in tomorrow morning,
so I moved them to the walls shortly after this photo was taken.

Our school wide theme is Pete the Cat.  I love him.  So, I made this bulletin board.  The only thing that needs fixing is his floating pan.  No one plays a pan that floats in the air.
Here's to getting over the back-to-school jitters that I get every year (even #17).  Everything is going to be great!

As my best friend who is facing the biggest challenge of her life always says, "Just float."
And I will.
Like Pete's pan.

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