Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Pattern

Tomorrow, I embark upon full-time elementary music teaching, year 17. SEVENTEEN.  Where does the time go?

And my summers have fallen into a pattern over the past few years....

Early June: List-making and exercise plans and imaginings of phone calls to long, lost friends and family.

Mid June: I'll do all of that tomorrow.  I'm on summer break!  I am hungry.  I want something cheesy and fattening and delicious.

Early July: Vacation time!  I will run tomorrow, I promise.  For now, I will sit on the beach.

Mid July: OMG scale!  This can't be happening.  I think the thing is broken.  Now what's on HBO?

Early August: I must have shrunken my school pants when I washed them back in late May.  I need to be more careful about that.  Now, to have that ice cream as I make my latest school to-do list....

So, the scale is in a really ugly place and I will spend a few months this fall getting it into a more reasonable spot.  I do have fitness goals this semester.  Major ones: Ray Tanner 12K October 24 and Lexington Half November 14.  Already registered.  No turning back.  Plan to clean up the eating and actually take care of myself this fall.  I want to become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers by the end of 2015, which means there is major work to be done.  Training plan is in place and I have been limping my way through a few August miles already.  I will NOT miss a day of training.  It is all in ink on the planner.

Professionally, I am excited, as well.  This year will be interesting and challenging and exciting: new steel band at our school, possible arts grant recipients, honor band trip to Hawaii in March, and this Friday I am presenting about Orff, my LOVE, to the district elementary teachers.

To accomplish everything I have in my swirling head, I must get, and STAY, organized.  I know this and laying it all out here for all 5 of my blog readers to see will hold me accountable.

In the meantime, I will spend today running a couple of errands, but mostly reflecting on the amazing summer our family has had.  There were many, many special moments:
Summer of 2015, you will be missed!

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