Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hawaii Trip 2016: Post 3 of 7... Mopeds and Mai Tais OR Hogs and Hawaiian (as in ROYAL)

Jon encouraged me to go back to my little WV redneck girl motorbike roots and rent mopeds for the day so we could ride up the coast with James.  I almost abandoned the thought and let them have a boys day but I am so glad I didn't.  It was a BLAST.  We only got cussed out by a local motorist once, because our hogs would only go 20 MPH uphill.  And aren't the baskets super cool?  Our gang RULED Oahu that day.

We stopped briefly at Hanauma Bay, excited that we would be in that water in just a couple of days.

This fish taco and this beach were, combined, probably my favorite part of the entire 7-day trip.  We rode up to Waimanalo and purchased food from a local dive: Ono Steaks.  (One member of our party had an official "Oh no!" bathroom encounter later because of it, but I will spare you those details....
we, however, will NEVER let him live that one down.)
This was the BEST fish taco I have ever had in the BEST location.  

This was like something from a dream.  Waimanalo, I am a fan.  Big time.

Later that day, we were treated to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then ended up at the Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai bar. LOVE.

This day was the best.  That is all.  Next post: Concert at the Arizona

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