Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hawaii Trip 2016: Post 4 of 7... Concert at the Arizona Memorial

Summer is my happy time when I get to breathe and catch up on a million blog posts!

Way back in March, when we were in HI, the honor band played at the USS Arizona Memorial.  That was the reason for the trip.  All the directors conducted beautiful pieces (these photos are a little Jon-specific, of course). It was a moving, amazing concert.

Unfortunately, the day was dreary and rainy (the rain started as soon as the concert ended, thank goodness) and no boats were going over to the Arizona because of that.  We were sad to miss that amazing experience, but enjoyed touring the Bowfin sub in lieu of it.

The last photo in this series says everything - it is a screen shot of facebook activity I posted the moment Jon conducted Eternal Father, Strong to Save.


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