Monday, November 14, 2011

Full, Fun Weekend

I'm anxious about some upcoming events and have given up on sleep for now, so why not post?
This Saturday, Jon and I had a really interesting date night as we checked out the SC State Museum's latest traveling exhibit, Body Worlds Vital. We were not allowed to take photos, so here is one I borrowed from the website.
The short of it is that a German scientist named Gunther von Hagens teamed up with a doctor in the late 70s to invent plastination, which is a process that stops decomposition and preserves the bodies of donors.  Mr. Hagens and his staff have posed the bodies in various positions, and in this particular exhibit, they have compared healthy bodies to those ravaged by disease.  It was eye-opening and amazing to see this. Once you realize everything you are seeing is REAL and this is YOU, it is a beautiful exhibit. Go here for more information on this amazing experience.

On a completely different note... on Sunday, we took the kids to Monkey Joe's,
a new play place very near our house, and we are so thankful! We used to have to drive across town to get to the bouncy houses.
Ethan was extremely apprehensive at first.  Here I am, encouraging him to slide!
Perhaps by "encouraging," I meant that I actually sent him down the slide, whether he really wanted to go or not.  In this photo, you can see flailing legs on the way down.
And here he is, clearly letting his parents know what he thought of his sliding experience.
BUT, he ended up becoming very courageous and enjoying his sliding time
after he warmed up to the whole deal.
So, there went another amazingly FAST weekend. I will be at school in 4.5 hours, working on parts with whatever 4th and 5th grade steel band members decide to roll in for 7:30 am sectionals.  Good night, fellow bloggers, and have a good week!

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