Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspirational Week... Thanks to Our Vets!

On Monday, our school's 600+ students and staff spelled "USA" and got up-close and personal with an Army helicopter pilot who hovered VERY NEARBY for a few moments to snap this amazing shot! The leaves were swirling off the trees and everyone was really excited to see the massive chopper. Teachers got tears in their eyes. It was awesome.
Then, a group of lovely teachers and I sang this version of the national anthem for the school's Veteran's Day celebration on Tuesday morning. It was definitely a feel-good experience for all.
Today, the only ever 11.11.11 in our lifetime, we honor the amazing people who serve(d) so that we may be free to do whatever we choose. Thank you to ALL.

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Elle J said...

That is fantastic - the photo and the singing. Beautiful. I tear up at Veteran's Day Assemblies and Reflections too. ;)