Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Saturday Fun

Jon is at state championships right now (fingers crossed that BHS' band does really well) so the boys and I have been hanging out today. This morning, Ethan dumped out many toys and lorded over them, as usual.

Then, Ethan entertained. He stole my Droid (again, as usual) and the first clip is him dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV. Next, he opened the music player by himself and rocked out to the God Bless the USA instrumental version that will be accompanying my chorus this Tuesday for our Veteran's Day Celebration.  The final clip is Take You to Rio... this was much more his favored tempo.
After the early morning fun, we headed to Clemson Extension at Sandhills for a long run.  I am now working with the Bridge to 10K app, so after 50 minutes of running, the kiddos got a teeny bit bored and grumpy, which is precisely when I took this photo.
Anyway, today was (and still is) fun, even with the disappointing WVU football loss. Now, we are watching Cars 2!

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