Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get to the Green! 5K Number 6.

Jon, Ethan and I ran Columbia's Saint Patty's Day 5K today.  Since September, I have done 6 races, Ethan has ridden along in 5 of those, and Jon has done 3 (he rocks every one, and would race more if it weren't for marching band season).  Today was awesome: my best time yet! Jon was 5 minutes ahead of me AND HE PUSHED ETHAN.  Go, Jon!  The next two months are insanely busy so there are no races scheduled for us, but we still plan to keep on moving.  I love racing!  What a positive, fun environment.
15 minutes pre-race

checking out the leprechaun at the fountain

dyed green!

fun was had by all

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