Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey and Boba Fett's Hawaiian Adventures, Chapter One

Good morning. Mickey and Boba Fett, guest bloggers, here.

Since we are among Andrew and Ethan's favorite toys at the moment, Jon and MK wanted to bring us to Oahu with them so we could see the sights and report back to the boys whenever possible.

It's after 3:00 am here in the islands, and we toys can't sleep because someone back on the mainland's east coast, where it is a reasonable time, called MK's phone just now.  THAT'LL teach her to silence it tomorrow night.  Anyway, it gives us a chance to post some photos taken yesterday by the humans.

We're standing with Jon and the band students, ready to board the first flight from Charlotte to Newark
Mickey seems right at home atop the percussion equipment
Boba gazes out the window in Charlotte before takeoff
Almost to Newark, and then an 11-hour flight on to Honolulu
Aloha!  Here we wait for the bus to the hotel
We're watching the Waikiki surfers and boaters from our room's lanai.
Beautiful Hawaiian sunset.  Time for sleep, after 24+ hours of awake time. See you tomorrow, island fun and sun!

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Lori Deverter said...

Dear Mickey and Bobba,

Your pictures are very nice, and I'm sure you are having a great time, but do you thing the boys are jealous? I am a little.