Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mickey and Boba Fett's Hawaiian Adventures, Chapter Three: USS Arizona Memorial

The humans had many amazing things on the schedule today: visiting the USS Arizona memorial, playing a concert on the pier of the Mighty Mo, and then enjoying a sunset dinner cruise around Diamond Head.  This post is just about the Arizona, though, because MK is too tired to go through photos of the other fun things until later.

Mickey was unable to attend this morning's outing because the humans were not allowed to take any bags with them (due to security reasons) and I was the only one of the toys who would fit nicely into MK's pocket.  So, Mickey stayed behind and enjoyed some R & R at the hotel for this part of the day.

The morning was particularly special and moving because, on top of the tears that came from visiting the amazing Arizona memorial and honoring the sacrifices of those 1,177 men, Jon's father's ashes had been spread in Pearl Harbor, very near the Arizona, in 2004.  It was a very emotional day.

As we approached, these sailors were saluting the Arizona as they passed by. 

Jon is admiring the massive USS Missouri (the Mighty Mo) from the Arizona memorial.

Here I am with a pensive Jon.

Some students dropped flowers over the center of the ship.

On the trip back to the visitor's center, Jon, MK and I were seated in the front of the boat.  We were splashed upon, just once, which is rare for such a slow-moving vessel.  It made sense, though; we decided it was Jon's dad saying hello.

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Elle J said...

loved the photos - and what a perfect last sentence.