Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mickey and Boba Fett's Hawaiian Adventures, Chapter Seven: Final Island Day then Home!

Monday, April 2 was our final day on the island.  We would be boarding a bus for the airport that afternoon to face nearly 24 hours of travel and get to see Andrew and Ethan again on Tuesday evening.

So, we made the most of the day.

MK woke up for an early run on the Waikiki beach trail.  These three photos were taken from her phone along the run.  It was beautiful and she felt safe being all alone since there were so many other people running around at 6:00 am.  Jon did this same run a few days earlier.

Having this view made the miles fly by.

Here we are by the Duke statue.  He won numerous Olympic medals for his surfing in the early 1900s and is credited with introducing surfing to the eastern seaboard.  People honor him by hanging leis on his arms.  We thought this was a nice thing to do with ours so we did the same.

Then it was off to Hilo Hattie for some shopping!  We just had to pose with the world's largest aloha shirt!

Then, as we mentioned, it was travel, delay, travel, delay, travel.  Once we finally got on the bus in Charlotte, the Humbers showed their excitement about being so near home.
It was an amazing, unforgettable trip.  Being in Hawaii for five full days was incredible. We loved it.  But, we came home very tired and a little frustrated.  So, this final Charlotte to Columbia bus photo sums up the end pretty nicely.

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