Saturday, April 28, 2012

New River Gorge: Beautiful on Many Levels

We traveled home via US 19 on our recent West Virginia venture. This route takes you over the Western Hemisphere's longest arch bridge: 3,030 feet long, 876 feet above the gorgeous New River Gorge.
It's a special stop for me for a few reasons:
1. I was raised in and lived in WV for 33 years.  The state is beautiful and I often took this for granted when I actually lived there.
2. I camped there many, many years ago and witnessed many brave, crazy base jumpers leaping off of the perfectly good structure.
3. Jon proposed to me at this bridge's overlook in December of 2002.  Almost 10 years.  Wow.
4. This bridge has carried me to and from long, lost family and friends numerous times over the years.
the boys enjoyed checking out the view from the visitors' center

here's what they saw on the cool, misty WV morning

This photo was borrowed from wikipedia to show the neat walkway down to the overlook.  All four of us successfully walked down this together (took a while, but was worth it) and Jon carried Ethan all the way up the numerous stairs on the way back.  Phew!

playing with camera focus: Andrew in focus

playing with camera focus: the bridge in focus

best shot I would get that day of the slightly grumpy traveler

loved this because Ethan is going in for a kiss

kiss landed!

Handsome Jon and the breathtaking bridge saved this photo from Ethan's non-smile, my very unflattering shirt (I am not pregnant and will not be again), and Andrew's unibomber-esque attire.

And after the stop was done, we crossed it: the 5th highest vehicular bridge on our planet.

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