Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secrets and Creative Custodians = Fun Workplace

I love so many things about my teaching position. 

Is the situation perfect?  No. 

Is anyone's?  No. 

BUT, mine is, honestly, pretty fun, especially with an amazing secret pal who swoops in and treats me at the least expected moment! (I, too, have a secret pal and have been showering her with impromptu gifts this year.  We learn our pals' identities at our final staff meeting in May.)

There is also a creative, sweet custodian who keeps me guessing. 

Good people.
My Valentine's Day surprise caught me totally off guard!

And this greeted me in my mailbox this Monday after a particularly challenging morning.  My pal knows my love and need to MOVE.

And THEN, there is Miss Jackie, one of our amazing custodians, who sporadically leaves my music stuff in hilarious positions for me to find the next morning.  I excitedly anticipate her staging every morning, which makes arriving in the music room even better.  This was today's setting; apparently a crow and cat drum/bass xylophone/recorder circle.


Elle J said...

Do you think that Miss Jackie has her own jam sessions at night? It would be tempting ....

Mary Kathryn said...

Ha! Yes!!! She is so small and sweet and never, ever says a word. So, I was totally thrown for a loop when she started doing this. Now it is our inside, secret joke and has helped me get to know her lots better.