Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Born in the USA 4-Miler

Jon, Andrew, Ethan and I rang in the 4th this morning with a 4-mile race downtown around beautiful Forest Lakes.

It was a little more challenging than necessary.

Challenge #1:
 We had a sitter lined up. She was due at the house by 6:45 so we could be out the door at 7.
 She never showed.
 At 7:05, we made the decision to load the double jogging stroller and head to the race, anyway. Since I wasn't going for a wonderful pace anyway, I volunteered to push the 100 lbs of boys so Jon could hopefully attain his PR (personal record) in this one.

Challenge #2:
 The course was advertised as "fast and flat." This was even printed on the t-shirts.
 Fast and flat, it was not. It was lovely and lakey and shady, but NOT flat. Pushing the boys was a toughie.

Challenge #3:
 Before the starting gun, I noticed the back left stroller tire was flat. We trudged along, anyway. 100 lbs of boys then just turned into about 115 lbs.

Challenge #4:

Challenge #5:
 Ethan took the front seat and Andrew was in the rear.  He's only about 5 lbs heavier than Ethan, so even though we have definitely been pushing the stroller's weight limits lately, it was going to have to be okay.
The front seat placement keeps Ethan from kicking his brother in the back, which he sometimes likes to do on runs.  However, during this race, he enjoyed continuously unbuckling himself and attempting to leap out of the seat, which almost gets him run over AND makes poor Andrew tip over onto the ground. 
So, there were about 7 mid-race stops made to lecture and re-buckle the crazy 2-year-old.  Momma was not happy about this.

Challenge #6:
During my "run" (I averaged a 13:22 pace), Andrew kept asking me when the race was going to start.  This was not very confidence-boosting.
Despite its many challenges, the race ended up being very fun, especially for Andrew, who had never been part of a running race.  This was his first, my 8th this year, Ethan's 7th, and Jon's 5th. Jon was AWESOME today and finished his 4 miles with a PR of 38:33.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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