Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Just In: The Lost Hawaii Files

In our summer cleaning/reorganizing, Jon and I recently uncovered a roll of 35mm film used in our dive camera in Hawaii back in March. We are all so spoiled in today's world with the instant gratification afforded to us by the digital age; so the one-hour developing of this particular roll of film seemed as if it took eons. We knew the photos were from our recent trip, but of course we had no clue what we actually shot, or even if any of the shots turned out.  Here are our six favorites.
Aha!  PROOF that Mickey and Boba Fett actually made it into the surf at Waikiki

Catamaran cruise we took one evening

Jon being silly on the cruise...

Oh, goody... another one of me checking those air gauges

Dave and me on the lookout for cool stuff

Me capturing a shot of one of those beautiful turtles

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