Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ethan's First Day of Preschool

Today, my baby was eased into his first ever preschool by going for 1/2 day.  Tomorrow will be the same.  He loved it.  Mama was sad.

It is a local Montessori school, but a different one than Andrew's.  (The age cut-off for Andrew's school is September 1, and Ethan's September 11 birthday means he will pretty much always be the oldest kid in his class.)

The first photos are from yesterday morning, when Ethan and I had our introductory meeting with the school director and his teacher.
touring his new classroom with the director

first look at the playground

mommy foresees some muddy clothing...

meeting his teacher

meeting a new classmate

checking out some of the classroom manipulatives

at the school's front door, uniform shirts in hand

And these two photos are from today.

note from the teacher

a little playground sand that fell from these new shoes that he was super proud of this morning....
"I wear my monkey shoes to my school!" 
love the paul frank stuff that target carries.
I took (what I think were) some cute photos of both boys before leaving this morning.  But, there was no memory card in the blasted camera.  Second time I have done that.  Argh.  So, on Monday, when Ethan starts full-day preschool, I will be sure to put that daggone card in and get some good photos.

It hurts my heart that both of our babies are now school children.  But, it is good for them, and us.

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