Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disney World Chapter 1 of 7: Magic Kingdom

Been home from the mouse's house a week and a half and have finally organized the photos into seven slightly chronological categories: (1) Magic Kingdom, (2) Our Resort, (3) Kids' Races, (4) Hollywood Studios, (5) Half Marathon, (6) Traveling, and (7) Rejects.

There are way more Disney photos on facebook.  Click here.

We got into Orlando late Thursday and hit the Magic Kingdom first thing Friday morning.  Andrew is over 44 inches now so he could ride almost everything this time and LOVED it all.  Ethan could ride everything we wanted to except Space Mountain.

The very first stop was meeting Mickey himself.

There were no lines.  It was wonderful.  We walked right on to Space Mountain two times before 9 am.  Mom is in front of me here (random stranger in the back)... first timer.  The whole time she kept asking,
"Is it almost over?  Is it almost over?...."  :)  But, she lived.

Andrew rode this time with Grandma Cathy and his dad.
He thought it was really cool that both his grandmas rode Space Mountain.  

Ethan really enjoyed driving the cars.

Peeking Bogs.

Buzz's Space Ranger Spin is always a favorite.  Cathy and I were killing it with the scores.

Ethan rode his first roller coaster on this trip: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
He really liked it.

This was both boys' first time on Splash Mountain.  Andrew loved it.

Ethan, however, was not a Splash Mountain fan.  Soaked.  Tears.

Let's do that again!

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