Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disney World Chapter 3 of 7: Kids' Races

Saturday at 10 am, exactly 12 hours before the half marathon start, Andrew and Ethan ran their first ever races at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.  Ethan did the 100 meter dash and Andrew did the 200 meter.  They were FAST!  Everybody got a shirt, snacks, and a cool medal.
pre-race jam session

Ethan's start.  He is at 5 o'clock in relation to the green 100 start sign, right below the lady in the yellow shirt.

Now he's right beside the kid in blue.  I ran beside him and he was so fast that I lost him in the mix a couple of times.  This kid was not playing around.

Andrew was pushing it really hard for the 200 meter.
We are so proud!

High five from a spectator!

major post-race boogie time to the blaring kids' disney tunes

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