Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disney World Chapter 2 of 7: Caribbean Beach Resort

Staying on Disney property was key this time so we could easily get to and from race events for free.  Plus, racers got slightly discounted room and ticket rates.  So, we "splurged" and booked at a mid-level resort.

Magical?  NOT.

This is the first time I have ever been disappointed with anything Disney puts its name on. We were on the second floor of the motel-style building with NO ELEVATOR.  The rooms were outdated, slightly smelly, and dirty.  Jon's mom had to rinse hair out of her bathtub before its first use.  My mom's fridge contained lots of food from a previous guest. Hungry? One of the bed rails they sent up for the boys was broken and filthy.  Bodily fluid filthy. AND, after a race that began at 10 pm with an after party lasting 'til 4 am, they refused to grant us late check out.  We were expected to be (and were) outta there by 11 am on Sunday. ZZzzzzz....

If this was mid-level, please let us not ever consider staying at an economy level Disney property.

Still, we managed to get a few nice photos from Disney's Crapabbean Caribbean Beach Resort.

Cuddling with Grandma Diana after a long day of travel

Pooped in the resort restaurant after a long, fun Magic Kingdom day

Fueling up while waiting for the bus to the kids' races

Beautiful mama, son, and sunset

From a distance, the resort is gorgeous, with a fake beach and giant lake in the middle.
No swimming allowed, though.  Figures.

Cuties posing before the trek home

Hangin' in Grandma Cathy's room

The Phil & Ted's jogger has gotten us through many places.  Even though both guys are now too big for it,
we all still manage when needed.  Jon took this thing up and down the resort's steps a million times on this trip.

There are lots more photos on facebook. Click here.

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