Friday, June 28, 2013

Andrew's Last Day of Montessori

This was Friday, June 7.  He had been in this program for three years, since he was barely three years old.
He's getting ready to head up those steps for one final morning.

Crazy mommy was beginning to get teary at this point, so he gave me a look which seemed to say, "It's alright, Mom!"

The door he boisterously burst through so many mornings at 7 sharp, often the first student there
 since Mommy usually rushed off to her school to be on hallway duty by 7:25.
After my school day, I headed back to pick him up.  I tried to hold back the tears, but it was impossible as the hugs and photos started happening.
This year's sweet new assistant Mrs. Estrada, who he saw first thing each morning.

The calm, patient Ms. Cleveland, who has been with the school for two years

And, Mrs. Fisher, his amazing teacher all three years.  She works wonders with all.

On our way out, I made him pose beside the beautiful school garden.

And, of course, our final photo was the sign at the school's entrance.
We will miss Spears Creek so very much, but the best decision for our entire family was to have both boys with me next year.  Ethan will be in the preschool program there and Andrew will be [gulp] in a traditional 1st grade classroom.  We are all excited about what 2013-14 will bring, especially the boys, who have talked about going to mommy's "big school" quite often this summer!

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