Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Virginia Beach Girls' Weekend, Year Two

Two weeks ago, I set out in Jon's little red car for a long weekend in Virginia Beach with my WV girls.  We had a good time, just like last year, but didn't schedule any kind of parasailish adventure this time, because, well, the adventure ended up being the trip itself.  There were a few challenges.

I took my DSLR but it stayed in the safe the entire trip because I didn't want to subject it to wind-blown sand.  So, these photos are all mobile ones, some borrowed.
Heidi (on the left) came this year!  This was the first time she has gotten away for something like this since her first baby was born five years ago.  It was awesome that she came.

The girls encountered some traffic both ways......LOTS of traffic, turning what should have been a 7-hour trip into over 9 hours for them.  They posted many staged photos like this to fb in an effort
to illustrate their frustration and also to make me laugh.

I arrived five hours ahead of them and the hotel was inflexible about me checking in since my name was not on the reservation.  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I know... there are worse places to wait, yes?

It was a little rainy and chilly the first day so we mostly hot-tubbed it
and hung by the fire in in the infinity pool.  Here are Heidi's feet.
When she posted this photo, she captioned it something like, "Kids?  I have kids?  What kids?"

The second day was beautiful, but we still found our way to the hot tub late that evening.

I ran on this boardwalk a couple of mornings.  I loved reaching this Neptune statue each time because it meant I had made it back to a block from our resort!

Miss these girls and enjoyed my time with them.  Here's to next year's girls' weekend!

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