Thursday, June 27, 2013

tomato update (because I know you were wanting to know)

See the beautiful, healthy-looking tomato plants that have overtaken our window?  This was taken Tuesday, June 25.  The tomatoes are not turning red.  Remember that I said I was a total gardening amateur and I preferred to learn as I go, rather than research?  Well, after some research, I learned that the tomatoes need nitrogen.  So, Tuesday, I fed them some special Miracle Gro tomato food, right before another torrential downpour... hope the food didn't get too diluted.
Even though they are not red, I was happy to see my wee garden's progress in the following collage:
Broccoli is long gone, and I am getting ready to remove the lettuces, too.  The cucumbers, most herbs, and peppers are doing well, though!

And there you have it.... the most exciting blog post you will read today.

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Alex Oliver said...

Andrew has finally gotten some tomatoes growing. He has 9 plants, started from seeds. He is also attempting jalapenos. However, herbs and other peppers have just died in the past. Good luck !!! We're hoping to have lots of tomatoes sooooooooon:)