Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful things about last Tuesday, November 22

I know.  The post title is weird.  The reason is that I MEANT to post these on the actual day but it was the last day of school before our Thanksgiving trip to WV and life got away from me.  Sometimes, in that situation, photos become the permanent prisoners of my computer, never to be seen by anyone, even me, ever again.  But sometimes the day is so sweet and special that the working mama needs to go ahead and post the inspiring things about it, even if they are nine days after the fact.

Alas, here are four things I loved about Tuesday, November 22:

The Turkey Trot: A one-mile run our PE teacher put together for the last day before break.  All grade levels ran during their related arts time and then we convened
in the multi-purpose room to sing turkey songs before the awards ceremony.
The weather was gorgeous and everyone involved had a great time!

A love note given to me by a first grade music student.  A girl. She must've really liked the music lesson last week. Kids are so sweet and funny and uninhibited.

Flowers from my principals to congratulate me on boards. 
Two gorgeous boys peacefully watching a Christmas movie together. 
Ignore the toy mess; just focus on the peace.

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