Saturday, December 17, 2011


There is warmth all around. 

First, even though it's corny, I'll state the obvious reason: the season.  I love sharing in the warm, fuzzy feelings most of us get during this holiday season (once I can relax that the winter concert has been successful).  It's my second-favorite season to fall.

Second, it is because of the unseasonably warm temperatures. Yesterday it reached 77° around these parts, and I took this photo in the late afternoon.

Today, I was extremely warm because I took the boys for a gorgeous run at Clemson Extension, which is some "wilderness" right smack-dab in the center of our city. 

Another warm moment occurred because of how daggone funny Andrew is.  He had a bathroom emergency situation right after the run, so we found the nearest tree and made it happen.  Right afterwards, he said, "I think the tree is going to be mad at us."

Ethan got very sleepy, as usual, on the run.  I am warmed by his innocence and sweetness and his ability to go with the flow.
And of course, the warmest thought of all is that today marks the first of 16 STRAIGHT DAYS of NO SCHOOL FOR ANYONE. YIPPEE!

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