Sunday, December 11, 2011

Over the River and Through the Wood

This is the final Thanksgiving post of the year. Thought I'd get it posted before December 25. The drive to WV was great, thanks in part to vans with video and audio entertainment systems.  Along those lines, the great drive credit also goes out to Sponge Bob, Mickey, Sirius radio, Harry Connick Jr, and the headphones that made it all possible.

The mountains in VA were gorgeous, as usual.  Andrew and Ethan really enjoyed the tunnels.

Once in Morgantown, WV, Jon and I treated ourselves to the usual yummy breakfast Shmiscuits.
And Keglers' wings could not be passed up, either.

After the wonderful meal on turkey day, our nuclear family took a much-needed walk on MB & Al's gorgeous property.

We loved the time with family and friends.  Here are our very best friends.  I was bummed that the lighting was weird and this is the best photo of all of us.  But, it is also funny to me, like we are taking part in some alien invasion.
Adios, Thanksgiving 2011. Bring on the Christmas postings. I am ready!

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